1. When should I use the FixKlima products?
When the level of gas in air condition system is low, the blown air will not be as cold as in a refilled system.
If the air-conditioning has no gas, then the system will stop blowing cold air.
You can autonomously refill the air condition system in your cars using the FixKlima products.
We also offer the {1][2}[3}FixKlima LeakStop (sealant){4]{5][6} that can be used to seal any and all leaks.

2. How can I check whether or not the compressor works?
The recognition of operating compressor is extremely important.
Readout done using the FixKlima wire will not be reliable if you are not sure whether or not the compressor is functional.
There are three ways to check it:
a. you should hear a click and notice increase in engine speed when you start the air-conditioning. The click means that the compressor operates correctly.
b. if you are able to recognise the compressor in the engine compartment, then you can notice compressor speed at active air-conditioning and its deactivation when the system is disabled.
c. you can use the FixKlima measurement device. After the wire is connected to the low-pressure valve, the pointer should fluctuate if the compressor is operating properly.{1]


3.Acquiring a readout on the meter/FixKlima wire

Ensure that the valve at the hose is fully tightened.
The engine compartment has two valves: low-pressure and high-pressure.
Connect the wire to the low-pressure valve.
The FixKlima Air Condition Diagram will help you in finding the valves.
Lift the plastic ring, wedge the device, and release the ring. You should hear a click.
The perfect external temperature should range between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Start the engine.
Set the air condition system to the lowest cooling temperature possible, activate air circulation options and open all air outlets.
The meter will indicate the system’s pressure after all of above actions are done.
If the meter shows a pressure readout of 0 PSI, then the air condition system is leaking. In such case we recommend using the FixKlima LeakStop sealing gas.
If the pressure level ranges between 10 and 20 PSI, you only have to use the FixKlima Gaz product.
The correct pressure reading should range between 25 and 40 PSI.
Look at the diagram of specific actions attached in the next tab.


4. Filling the air condition system with FixKlima Gaz or FixKlima LeakStop sealing gas
the activity should be done while the engine and cooling system are enabled
Both activities are done in the same way while maintaining safety measures.
a. Completely loosen the wire thread.
Tighten the FixKlima Gaz or FixKlima LeakStop to the end and then loosed it by ¼ of a turn.
b.Lift the plastic ring, wedge the device, and release the ring. You should hear a click.
c.Turn the can upside down and tighten the hose valve in order to penetrate the can’s opening.
Loosen the valve again, so that the gas/sealing substance fills out the air condition system.
The meter’s pointer will start moving during the system refill, which means that the gas flows into the air condition system.
d. When the pointer stops moving, disconnect the wire with can from the air condition system.
e. Unscrew the can from the wire at a safe distance from your body in order to release the rest of gas present in the can.